WordPress Auction Plugin

Easy Auction Setup

Our plugin allows you to easily set up online auctions on your website, creating an eBay-like store using WordPress. You can set a minimum bid amount, minimum bid increment, reserve price, and buy-it-now price.

Full Control Over Auctions

You can choose to set a schedule for an auction, extend an auction, add a grace period, and have full control over the process. This ensures that your website does not go down during critical auction times.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

The plugin can be converted into a multi-vendor marketplace, allowing other sellers to list their own products for auction on your site. This allows you to make additional money by providing a platform to third-party sellers.

Integration with WooCommerce

Our plugin runs on top of WooCommerce, allowing you to easily set it up by setting up an online store first. This also makes it easier for you to accept payments and use all the powerful eCommerce features of WooCommerce.

Easy Payment Options

After the auction ends, you can send the winning bid to a page where they can pay via PayPal. Alternatively, you can accept payments manually or via wire transfer by emailing the user.

Simple Auction Management

It allows you to add auction products, set bidding time, and manage your auctions using a simple dashboard. The free version allows you to accept payments via PayPal. The pro version allows you to accept payments via Stripe too.

Integration with eBay

Our plugin allows you to fetch and display your eBay auctions on your WordPress website. This is particularly useful for sellers that are already selling on eBay and want to show their existing users that they are a reputable seller.

Supports Various Auction Types

The plugin supports normal, reverse auctions, sealed auctions, proxy auctions, and more. It allows customers to log in and view their own auction dashboard. Once they have won an auction, they will see a link to make the payment to complete the purchase.

Beautiful Display of Auction Products

Our plugin beautifully displays your auction products with a countdown timer to trigger the FOMO effect on the product page. This can significantly increase the number of bids on your auctions.

Listing Products on eBay

You can easily list products on your online store and your eBay store at the same time. It does not allow you to run an auction on your WooCommerce store, but you can run the auction on eBay using the same product data without having to enter it again.

Promote Your eBay Auctions

Our plugin allows you to bring your eBay profile to your WordPress website or WooCommerce store. This is particularly useful when you want to show that you are a well-reputed seller or just want to promote your eBay auctions.

Easy to Use

Our plugin is quite simple to use and comes with flexible options to display your auction products, profile information, and most recent feedback. You can use it alongside any WordPress auctions plugin on the list and allow users to see your past activity on the platform.

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